About Jenn:

My family has lived in southeastern Washington for four generations. I’ve always been a member of this community and I’ve always fought to make it better. From volunteering as a child to serving on boards of directors for non-profits, I know that what makes a community great is the people who come from it and I’m proud to call southeastern Washington my home.

By running for the Washington State House of Representatives, I’m taking the fight for a better future to Olympia. I’m going to represent our interests - the interests of our neighbors and our communities. The people of Adams, Asotin, Garfield, Franklin, Whitman, and Spokane counties need a real voice, not one bought by corporate donors.

I'm running because we need better access to clean water and more education – not less. Our communities need affordable rural broadband, accessible health care, and we need to repair our crumbling infrastructure. I know that we can achieve greatness when we work together. Let’s make our tomorrow better than our today.

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