Hi! I'm Jenn Goulet.

I'm a mother of two teenagers and a small business owner with a lifetime of experience in hands-on leadership, community involvement, and dedication to service. I understand the 9th Legislative District because I was born here, raised here, and I work and play here. My family has roots in southeastern Washington communities dating back to the late 1800s, and I've been proud to raise my kids in Pasco and call it home. I want everyone to live in a community they are proud of, where they want to work, play, and raise a family, and where they have the ability to do so comfortably. So I'm on a mission...

My Mission: Our Future

I'm the servant-leader the 9th Legislative District needs in Olympia to bring new economic development, to fix our crumbling infrastructure, and to invest in our children's education.

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...we can help ensure families don't struggle to make ends meet, we can work towards giving our children better options for their futures than we had, and we can be at the mercy of one less out-of-touch Olympia bureaucrat who doesn't have our best interests in mind.



Community Outreach

My campaign is reaching more voters than any other in recent history. We're raising grassroots money, knocking on thousands of doors, holding town halls in every area, and driving thousands of miles to make sure your voices are heard. 



thousand Dollars Raised so far

from non-corporate and grassroots donors. I believe in people power and standing up to the terrible power wielded by dark money in our political system.



doors knocked on so far

My staff, volunteers, and I are knocking on as many doors as we can in the few months left until the election.



THOUSAND miles driven so far

The 9th Legislative District is the size of the state of Connecticut. We're going to cover all of it to get out the vote!


Get Involved!

Ready to be a part of our team? We need people just like you!


Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers drive our campaign. Come be a part of our team and join Jenn's movement!

Make a Donation

We rely on grassroots donations from people just like you, not dark money from large corporate donors.

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